Monday 27 October 2008

A week off...or not?

I finished a big bit of work I've been doing lately the other day - a revision of my first bit of paid work, a feature screenplay. Sent it off to the chap who commissioned me and waiting to hear an opinion. A good opinion means we try and take it to the next stage, so I get my last bit of pay. And boy, do I need paid right now. About 45p in my pocket and that's about it for me fiscally. Ah, so this is the life of the writer. No money. Not much change for me there then. What we do next with the script may be up to me as well, so I need to try and get this into proper development. I'll keep the blog posted as far as that goes as much as I can. There may be things I won't be able to mention but I'll have to wait and see. An opinion asking for improvement means another revision and an extended period of Emptiwalleitis.

So, while I wait I'm taking a week to myself. But am I? Now this piece of commissioned work is out of my hands for the moment, I'm still itching to get into my spec stuff. I have a couple of feature outlines I want to work on, several short outlines, a short story I'm writing for an online competition (not a big competition but one run by a forum I post on) and this week is the final week to get an entry in to this year's Digicult scheme, so I need to see what I've got and polish and prepare as need be. And there is the floor plinth in the kitchen I need to fix and have been putting off for ages now. But I also need some fecking time off!!

So, this week is kind of my own. But I'll be watching lots of films as well, both for fun and research. The two feature outlines are Horrors but both very different tonally. I got a Hammer Horror box set last Christmas and have been waiting to get stuck into it, along with a lot more horror movies on DVD.

All the while scribbling down any ideas that smash into my attention span.

Excuse me while I fetch a cup of tea, sink into the recliner and hit PLAY.

(How I stay away from the Wii is anyone's guess...)

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