Monday 26 February 2018

Back to Filmmaking

Been a while since the last entry. Life can get a bit silly, I guess. Anway...

I wrote a bunch of scripts years ago. There they sat. Aging. Or not. Because the stories are still relevant. I've had to change one or two things in one of them but other than that we're going to shoot it late spring/early summer.

Because I need to make a fucking film again. Oh, sweet shit on a lorry, I need to make a film.

I've a bit of a "slate" of ideas, as some folk might say. This one we're starting with is relatively simple, being mock documentary, but is ironically the longest. I say simple as there aren't many crazy camera set ups. I'll be sticking to an established format in order to tell an out of the ordinary story. A dark comedy. Dark. As in Vantablack dark. And funny. At least, it's funny to me. Of course, funny is always subjective and I've learned over the years that my kind of funny is highly subjective indeed.

The others are less funny. Or perhaps not intended to be funny at all. Dark science fiction and horror. Bits of M.R. James, Lovecraft, mixing with dramatic questions I've been asking myself for years.

My current script is shot listed and out to my Assistant Director for a preliminary schedule and budget. After that, crewing and casting and, most likely, a crowdfund campaign. Doing some serious research into that but if anyone is reading this who has experience then any advice is always appreciated.

So, keep watching for that soon. I'll be bombarding, as I'm told one should with these kinds of campaigns. I've got some cool folks hopefully working with me on this. Should be good and I look forward to disturbing audiences with this little baby.

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