Thursday 19 September 2013


Laying low and keeping busy right now.

Getting deeper into a rewrite and editing a video of a gig for a friend.

Otherwise, laying low. Facebook is turned off right now and I suddenly realise how much time I waste on it when I realise that I actually have more time to do things, like work.

I also begin a weekly course next week, teaching filmmaking to young folks. Slightly daunted and a bit worried I go overboard and confuse them. But teaching's another string to my bow, as they say.

Monday 2 September 2013

The Art of the Rewrite*

Read previous draft as much as you can.

Take metaphorical sledge hammer in hand.

Smash the damn thing to pieces.

Look at the bits left that still make sense.

Watch for fat and dispose of it.

Add new bits if necessary.

Rebuild from the ground up.

Read it over.

Keep sledge hammer handy if need be.

Drink plenty of tea.



*The following should not be construed as solid advice but more of a venting process.