Wednesday 11 March 2009

...More Than He Can Chew?

Well, looking at some of the things I'm working on, I see some of them may be collaborations. As well as my spec short I've been writing, my feature idea (not quite at outline stage yet) and a short I've been trying to edit for a few years now (unacceptable, I know) there are now two more potential projects, one of which looks like it might happen (it's funded too so it'll get made, but it's unpaid) and another which has been thrown my way, which hasn't been set in stone but is appealing as a cross genre piece.

Both of these projects have differing levels of excitement, one of them especially so as it has the potential to get my name out there as a writer as it is going to be entered into loads of festivals - exciting but also means that I really want to apply myself to this one.

Might buy a desk planner to try and get some organisation down on paper. And then adhere to it. Which will be the challenge.

But, creative times ahead. Even if I do need a paid job pretty damn desperately.



  1. let that squirrel do some chewing for ya. Good for nothing furball.

  2. He's kept captive and forced to work for mouldy acorns. All revenge.


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