Monday 9 March 2009

Fresh Start

Well, what a couple of weeks. I'll say no more other than we gave our good friend Neil a hell of a send off last week and that now is the time to get on with things, as he would have done. In fact, he'd have started by now. Spring is in the air (blown along by that bastard wind that's been assaulting us of late), it's daylight when I get up now and the desire to get on with things is greater than ever.

So, I'm writing a new short. A supernatural drama dealing with grief - just in case anyone is wondering, I got the idea long before I even knew my friend was ill. It's a tad Twilight Zone-esque, and I'm hoping what might seem like a twist at the moment will seem more natural onscreen. Twists in shorts can be so predictable and I want to avoid that in this instance. My biggest problem in the past, apart from finance, has been a lack of a producer. I'm looking to change that now and am openly looking for one who wants to help make this film.

So, that short and then I've two other projects to get on with after that. As well as re-drafting Glencoe (thanks to those helping out by providing feedback for me) and working more on a project with a friend. Some actual income would be nice as well!!

I'm also thinking of changing the look of my blog. Any help out there?

Lots to do.


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