Sunday, 1 October 2017

October Horror Season?

Too many unwatched titles among this lot.
So, it's October. That means much of the UK and US is on Halloween watch. Personally, I prefer to actually celebrate and event like that on or around the actual day (Christmas maniacs, I am looking at YOU). It can drive me crazy. I know some folks like to spread purchases for kids around for a few months as belts are tighter these days but it's that old chestnut about commercially driven crap; the shops are full of Halloween stuff now; sweets, masks and costumes, etc. But it's only once a year so, I figure, why hide from it?

I need something to keep my sanity at the moment and movies are my constant. I feel I don't watch enough anyway so my idea, providing I can prevent myself from sinking into apathy and keep it going, is to watch a horror movie a day in October, preferably ones I've not watched before or ones I've not watched in a very long time and might reappraise like, for instance, John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness. This means I'll also keep blogging, something I've been advised to do (sanity, and all that)

So, here goes. I've got a whole bunch sitting on shelves to watch. Time to bite the bullet, choose one and get this thing rolling.

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