Wednesday, 2 July 2008 I doing it right?


My first "proper" blog. As it were.

I've peddled my pish on MySpace before but felt it was about time I did it "properly". Or maybe in a way that might actually get read, and not by caffeine fuelled teens. If they ever did look, which I highly doubt.


Ok, I might as well introduce my no good self. My name is Brian Robinson and I'm supposed to be a screenwriter. I say supposed as, even though I'm working on a paid screenwriting job right now (my first!), it still feels like either not working or cheating as I'm working from home, shouting at two dogs and trying to re-assemble my general motivation. Don't get me wrong - this job is a good one right now. But...ah, I've no excuse, Maybe this blog will be a record of defeating the nature of laziness. God, I hope so.

Well, I'm presently engaged in the beginings of my first proper rewrite at the moment and it's getting interesting. I looking at my own work from a supposedly dislocated POV (fellow writers will know the meaning of that abbreviation. All others - this is the internet - Goooooooogle is fffryeend. You know. Like Sarah and Ludo. Whhaaaaaagh!).

Er, I seem to have lost my train of thoughwghwgh (and it goes on. Really, it does. You've no idea about this guy. One minute, he's about to deliver some profundity, the next he's wondering how Hayden Christensen might have benefitted from better direction, before realising how vain the whole endeavour is).

If you've come this far, you may yet endure the tosh yet to come as I try and do something ith myself.

Right. Now I have "Heads and Tails" by Derek Griffiths in my head.

On a loop.

Help me.

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