Monday, 20 August 2012

Back from wherever...

Been a while since my last blog. Had a few things on and getting into a new routine.

I've started a new temp job - not bad so far - and am in the early stages of a new feature project with some great collaborators. Not much I can say about that just now but I am very excited about it and it's right up my alley. A lot of work to do on that.

A bit fucked off at some of the right-wing US gun enthusiasts who thought my last blog post was a good place to spread their brainless, simple-minded and selfish propaganda. But this is the internet so there we are.

The Doug McLure dinosaur posts are coming, I promise. Just not had the time to get it going. But I have re-watched The Land That Time Forgot recently. Thoughts to be posted soon.

I'm still getting over a quick trip to London at the weekend for an old friend's birthday party. It ended at 5.45am, listening to The Grumbleweeds.

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