Saturday 14 July 2012


Jeez, not another obit.

Richard D. Zanuck.

The Sound of Music
Planet of the Apes
The Sugarland Express
Jaws 2
Road to Perdition
Sweeney Todd
Driving Miss Daisy
The Verdict
The Eiger Sanction
The Sting

Speaks for itself.

Oh, and in all likelihood, no Zanuck = no Spielberg.

Mark Harris' Scenes from a Revolution and Leonard Mosley's Zanuck (a biography of his father, Daryl F. Zanuck, who both hired him and fired him as head of 20th Century Fox) are good references on his career.

He was working right up to his sudden end and had produced a lot of Tim Burton's recent output.

Thank you and rest in peace, sir.

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