Saturday 12 September 2009

Kobyashi Maru and the Great Mind Fruit.

Who said Smallville was in Kansas? View from the Edinburgh to London train, south of Berwick UponTweed.

We're finally off on our hols! God knows, my wife needs and deserves it, supporting this layabout...ahem, screenwriter. On the train down on London as I type (beautiful countryside on a beautiful day)and we fly out tomorrow to sunny (hopefully) Malta. And so, in order that I might take some time off myself, I've brought my laptop and notebooks. No sooner am I away than I want to get on with things. I'm unable to switch my brain off from the whole writing thing so I'm resigned to maybe starting on some other story ideas whilst away.

Completed screenplay-wise, the waiting game is in play at the moment. It's in the hands of folks who are able to help significantly or not and so I must strike a Yoda-esque pose and remain patient. I'm told following up too early can be destructive to good will so I'll have to sit still for a wee while and get on with other ideas.

It's odd; one tries to combat the distractions of other ideas when working on one particular script but when the time comes tohand that over and work on those other ideas, that particular script starts to bark and compete for attention amongst the newer ideas. Life is not like a box of chocolates. It's more like the Kobyashi Maru at times. And that keeps it from being boring.

Anyway, looking forward to some time away and then I'll be eager to get back to it once the creatives juices are re-squeezed from the Great Mind Fruit when we return.

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