Sunday 16 April 2017


Three and a half years without a post. Blimey (there's that word again).

Well, since it's Easter Sunday it seems an appropriate day to bring the blog back to life, as it were (waits for lightning bolt to strike him down).

Loads occurring since my last post. A plethora of nieces, with more on the way; health stuff nothing major but I have been sliced up on the table a bit; another feature script done; and I've actually found paid work doing something I love - blethering on about films.

And there's also a good reason as to why I've resurrected the blog.

There've definitely been a lot of good things happening over this time and there's more content to come, both written and filmed.

More to follow soon...

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  1. Thought I recognised the photo... You have to join that neighbour of yours for the Monday Club tomorrow ;)


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