Tuesday 28 October 2014

Return of the Living Person

Been a long time since I posted a blog. Not since April, it seems. Blimey. Well, I've been teaching filmmaking to young people for the most part as well as writing (but that bit's been very slow) and having some minor surgery this past weekend to sort my voice out. Since the middle of June I've been sound like the late Don Henderson, circa 1980 (his own voice went weirder and up an octave later on). So I wouldn't have sounded out of place amongst squabbling Imperial bureaucrats on board and armoured space station with enough firepower to...you get the picture.

So, still plodding on. There's a new micro-budget feature filmmaking scene starting to take off in Edinburgh, so that'll be something to blog about soon. There was a great panel discussion held at the Filmhouse last month that got a lot of people very excited, myself included. I might have something to say about that soon.

Also very proud of the short films the young people I've been helping to teach. Great to see there's some passion and clear vision out there amongst the selfies and Tumblr obsessions.

I'll blog again.

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