Thursday 29 August 2013

Catching Up

Another blog free month. Not such a good thing. So I'm pulling back from the time wasting things in life such as Facebook and getting on.

What has happened in the past month? A fair bit of it has involved me dealing with about to turn 40, and then me turning 40 and now me realising that life isn't a rehearsal (and other cliches) and that time is precious. But boy, did we have a good party. Lots of friends I'd not seen in a long time (some a very long time) and time also spent with family. Good feelings. Being 40 is not that bad. It certainly doesn't seem to be the same thing as it seemed when my parents hit this age.

Work on the second draft of my current project has just shifted into high gear. Things look slightly promising. I say slightly as it's never a good idea to get your hopes up too much in this game, rather to stay realistic and only get excited when things are actually completed.

I've got too many genre short ideas running around my head as well, right now. At least five of the buggers.

I've missed too many new release films lately. Need to keep up with these things.

I'm doing a short training course next week on teaching a filmmaking course for young people, which itself should begin later next month. So that'll be another string to the bow.

All this as well as some video work for a client, one for a friend and there's also the Wanted 8 Sequence article to come as well.

Well, back to re-organising the words on the page.

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