Monday 17 June 2013

Neil on the BBC

Just casually surfing the BBC News website when a simple click surprises me with a bloody great photo of Neil. So it seems even the BBC News website now has a story on Neil and I Am Breathing.

He's getting about. The stubborn sod wouldn't have had it any other way. His strong will is one of the things I miss most about him.

Most major newspapers in the UK have been carrying his story in the run up to the film's UK premiere this week. As much as I don't get on with their politics, I did buy the Daily Telegraph a few weeks back after they had four pages on Neil and the film.

I Am Breathing receives its UK Premiere this week at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Thursday the 20th June. It's also showing on the 23rd June and gets a limited release after. I know it will be tough going but I urge you all to see this film if you can. I think there are still tickets available.

Neil's blog continues to be republished in the days leading up to MND Awareness day on the 21st June, and the film has a Facebook page and Twitter feed.

No amount of followers is enough to help combat this atrocious disease so please check them out and help spread awareness of MND and the MND Association.

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