Friday 8 March 2013


I'm sure most if not all of my cinematographer friends would frown upon this, but I'm almost finished making a DSLR shoulder rig. Yes, I would love one of those snazzy Zacuto rigs but they're exhorbitantly expensive and I can barely afford bus fare these days.

I based if on a design found at a blog called, sticking to 15mm tubing so more conventionally manufactured additions can be attached. Not bad, I suppose. I'm no engineer (my marine engineer dad's skills were barely passed down to me, not my natural forte) but it's sturdy enough. I've managed to successfully attach a Giotto quick release plate to it. Still a bit rough around the edges and a bit more spray paint needed but it ought to do the job for the time being.

Well, whaddayay know? I finished a project.

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