Tuesday 14 February 2012

"Boring" History and a Certain Point of View.

Good to be back in the swing of things. I've had more good feedback from readers on my current project which I am now revising once again. As such, I'm having to go back to research. Just a few things, but that part of the process carries on.

Writing something based on actual events, the research doesn't really end. And the funny thing is I enjoy it. I hated history at school, even if our teacher was brilliant, intimidating and hilarious (in his way) and now that I am able to look at history on my own terms and in a particular context, I find I really enjoy it. I never would have thought that the Restoration period and the Glorious Revolution in British history (from a Scottish Perspective) would hold my attention the way it does. Finding a good story amongst all of it is the key, I think. Take all of the stuff I might have found boring and look at it through the eyes of someone of the time, as young and impatient as that character may be (and boy, does he have a harsh lesson coming).

Placing a point of view within historical events as expressed by a main character makes it exciting.

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