Tuesday 19 April 2011

Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen is gone and I am gutted.

Sad and terrible news just as the new series of Doctor Who is about to start and taken so soon after Nicholas Courtney.

She was one of those childhood characters I thought would just always be around. Arguably the most iconic and popular companion of the Doctor's in the show's history and definitely my favourite (a very early childhood crush as well). Her place in the programme and its onscreen mythology has lasted since she first appeared in it 37 years ago. There are not many actors who can claim that.

As kids, we ran with her, we screamed with her, investigated with her and we fought alongside her. RIP Sarah Jane Smith.

She's off gallivanting somewhere with Harry and the Brig. I may have to stick The Time Warrior or The Hand of Fear on now...

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  1. You were a childhood heroine, and worth every minute of idolatry fervour. I will miss you forever, but yet will always be with you. |Such is the power of a boy's childhood, which, as a big part of, you will never be divorced from. This small boy still loves you, and always will. God bless, Elizabeth. xx


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