Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Still Here

Contrary to reports, I am still here. Well, not reports, just my own sense of guilt at no one really reading this blog.

I have not been trapped in a well with only an aging beetle for company waiting for Andy Summers to dig me out.

I have not been abducted by aliens bearing a resemblance to Tom Petty, asking where this "wonderful Crossroads television signal has gone".

I have not secured a career in the manufacture of rubber cutlery for the fumbling gentleman.

Nor have I been held at spear-point by a disgruntled paper facsimile of Richard Digance.

But I have endured the generally risible Transformers 2, Terminator: Salvation and Wolverine, missed almost all of this year's Edinburgh Film Festival AGAIN (while catching one shorts show and catching a glimpse of one of my all time heroes, Joe Dante along with Roger Corman), spent three weeks without alcohol of any kind and tried to avoid procrastinating as much as possible.

Still, Psychoville is pretty good. Welcome back, Gents. Now, where are the other two?

Managed a trip to Glencoe to see the place I've been writing about all this time. Beautiful and intimidating part of the world and I'll post about that soon.

Will endeavour to blog again.


  1. I think I saw the back of your head at Roger Corman. I could've listened to him all night.

  2. out of the three super monster movies you mentioned this year, which was the best for you?

    Abandoning a blog isn't as bad as it sounds, it can be frustrating when your view count goes only as high as president Bush's last approval but, resilience is a virtue more worthy than fame...said the unpopular git.

  3. Mandy - Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to the Joe Dante thing. I was in the Filmhouse bar last Thursday afternoon and he and Corman walked by, out of the St Valentine's Day Massacre screening I think. David Cairns got to interview him. Lucky bugger.

    Bryant (Keith/Rags? not sure what to call ya these days :P) - Not really abandoned, just plain lazy. For me, the 4th super monster movie was the winner, but out of the three, I found Transformers, racist twins aside, to me the least abhorrent actually. If you compare my 3 reviews on the Senate, it comes off best.

  4. eeeh that means you have a 'back of head' doppleganger'!

  5. Another balding rear pate, perchance?


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