Friday 20 February 2009

Back from the cold...

Good god! Where have I been?

It all started several years ago, when Sir Splitford Gomm rang up asking about my inclusion amongst the crew of his expedition into the heart of Darkest Corstorphine. My refusal resulted in a press gang forming outside my back door over the course of several weeks, unspotted by either myself or the dogs. To cut a long story short, there was a terrible mess made once they had struck, leading to a chase led my Ringo Ondatje, Gomm's leading lamplighter and man of many faces. I only managed to lose Ringo yesterday by passing myself off as Richard Digence's spine specialist, Henrietta Blish and using a staple gun to attach Ringo and his posse to a cargo flight bound for Christmas Island.

Well, of course not. A combination of laziness, the ol' "D" word and other stuff have gotten in the way. But suffice to say that the scaring of small, tree dwelling rodents shall recommence as of this moment. I've also fallen prey to this Twitter thing presently doing the zeitgeistal rounds and can be found here:

Well, spring is sounding like it's in the air - more birds in the garden (several new Gold Finches, a Thrush and a Sparrowhawk ripping a sparrow from the garden bench) and even an evening chorus. Plus walking the dogs with only a jacket on (trousers, yes of course I wore bleedin' trousers) in the sunshine. Hope it lasts.

Current task is preparing a proper writer's CV for an application to Skillset to try and get farther up the road and perhaps earn some more moolah. Glencoe reached a second revised draft but where now? New ideas are also afoot and a zero budget (but believeable!) alien invasion script is occupying most of my writing time at the mo.


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