Friday, 2 January 2009

"This beast is dangerously radioactive and colourful!"

Wonderful! I check the TV listings and see that It Came From Beneath the Sea is on. Love it! My earliest memory of a Harryhausen film was caught one afternoon in the late 1970's and it both horrified and grasped my little mind, helping spark my love of old monster movies; I particularly love how they refer to the monster as "The Monster" all the way through the film. It is THE Tentacle Film for me. And so seeing it again is on my list, therefore I've tuned in.

It's been fucking colourised.

I'm not a fan of colourisation. I got a VHS of Night of the Living Dead years ago I've not been able to watch all the way through as it was colourised.

But this is not a bad job and apparently Harryhausen is helping oversee the colourisation of all of his B&W movies. But I love the fact it was B&W. Even if it has Harryhausen's blessing, it just ain't right with me. While a good job seems to have been done, they still can't get skin tones right. While all of Kenneth Tobey's wrinkles remain intact, Faith Domergue's usual shiny rouge lips (a real memory of This Island Earth) have been darkened and her skin looks all pasty, predating Siousxie Sioux by some time and giving her a kind of young Joan Crawford look. Not good. She just looks ill.

The Octopus (or is that Decapus?) tentacles look pretty good though, fitting in with the colours Harryhausen used in his later characters.

But at the same time, it just ain't right, I tells ya! Not sure if I'll watch it all.

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