Monday, 10 November 2008

The Worry

I'm having a 24 hour heart monitor fitted tomorrow. Very, very nervous. It's not an operation - I'll be in and out on the same morning - but my mortality seems very real these days, especially in the light of the awful situation a friend of mine finds himself in now. Once fitted, I'm to go about my regular business and then I'll have it removed the next morning (hence the 24 hour bit...).

I've been having palpitations for a while now. I do suffer from anxiety attacks and depression and only hope that these are a consequence of that and nothing else. There is a history of heart trouble on my mum's side of the family and I had a heart murmur as a baby. That, together a couple of stone I could do without and my constant fear of dropping dead at any given moment, add up for a very worried Squirrel Scarer.


  1. Hey, good luck with it, best wishes, etc.

  2. Oh frick, scary indeed but glad you are getting something done to find out the root of them. I get them, and while it's generally a medicine thing (too much), I know it's scary. Good luck with the fitting, and let's meet for a skinny decaf fun free coffee some time soon...


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