Wednesday 6 August 2008

In Stir

I'm going stir crazy right now. Normally, what tends to annoy me during the day (and which is entirely of my own doing) is when my dogs bother me to get out to the park when I'm trying to get some work done. Or at least start working. I'm often in the middle of something when the torment begins. I can't move in my seat at the computer I'm working at without one of my dogs jumping up suddenly, assuming he's getting out for a run. As I say this is my own fault as I should run them first thing in the morning and then get on with the day. And the fact that one of my dogs never leaves my side and is always lying at my feet as I work should make me smile more often.

But today I can't even take them to the park as it has failed to stop pissing down all day. And so I sit here, not working for longer periods, irritated more by jumping dogs and cats demanding to be fed 4 hours before they're supposed to get their dinner. Grrrr. And I'm doing even less work and getting even less accomplished, stuck in this fecking house worrying about turning 35 this weekend with less to show for it than I had intended years ago.

But I have to get on with it. Whinging incessantly will change nothing but deepen depression and let the script sit longer, while cash whittles away.

Sigh. I feel a chicken Rogan Josh coming on. Maybe that will help get this bleedin' script re-written.

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